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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Websites that Suck-but that you could learn from

Worst Websites of 2010: The Contenders

Hey CNMT New Media STUDENTS-have a look at the following article summary and go to the website to see the many-many-many examples of WEBSITES THAT SUCK!
Please "learn from their mistakes" so your team can make a really interesting well conceived and well designed website -THAT DOESN'T SUCK!!!

Mr. Casas

(Click to see full article)

It's hard for me to believe, but it looks as if bad web design wasn't as bad in 2010 as it has been during the last 14 years. Plenty of bad websites still exist and since I have the cleverest readers out there, I have an almost never-ending supply of suggestions.

To paraphrase the great American philosopher Jerry Lee Lewis, there's still "A whole lotta sucking going on." I think Jerry Lee said that. I could be wrong.

In keeping with our theme of "On our 15th year of sucking," I've chosen the 15 worst contenders for 2010. These sites were featured as The Daily Sucker during January through early September 2010.

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