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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hey CNMT New Media Students,
The First and Best Lesson You'll Learn this Year!

As we we find ourselves gearing-up to wind down for Winter-Break, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a couple of things. We will now be learning how to build our very own new media team-inspired websites. Of course this means all team members will have to "STEPITUP" BIGTIME!

Over the break I be will updating this blog to keep in touch with you all, and I will also require some over the break participation in preparing and planning and writing on your part.


All the text on your team-sites will need to be original well written copy for your websites.
You will need to produce an introduction to you site, as well as the necessary writing to accompany any visual information, videos, photography, or animations.

Start thinking about what content or "stuff" you are going to want to feature on you sites.
I recommend agreeing on some way of keeping in contact with each other during the break.
Exchanging email accounts and sending invites through your blogger account may be the most practical. There may be others of you that prefer texting or Facebook-my sentiment is to use "whatever works".

To start I would like you all to visit and read the following blog:

A Writer's Guide to Web Building

Also, see:

Writing for the Web: Part 1

Be sure to check back for updates.

Mr. Casas