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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Useful site(s) in beginning to pre-plan developing your own website

Hey CNMT New Media Students,

Believe it or not-we will finally be taking the initial steps in working with our team-members to brainstorm and plan out our "teamwebsites" which we will begin developing this week. As we go through the steps in planning out "who will be responsible for doing what" when it come to our teamwebsite project I thought it would be useful to begin a dialogue about any issues that arise during this process through our CNMT New Media blog. Also, I would like all of you to carefully look at the website(s) I have reviewed for you to begin gathering insight into the process of team-based website planning and development. Follow the links below:
Experience needed to build a website

Starting Out Organized: Website Content Planning The Right Way

website planning

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