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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Growing Up Online: Dialogue/Discussion

Click to view: Growing up online

CNMT New Media students,

Please share your thoughts and perspectives on what it means to you to be "Growing up online"
Are there any topics/issues introduced/explored in the Frontline film that were especially meaningful to you? Also, does the viewing of this film change your perspective on being a beginning web designer/developer?

Please post ASAP...

Mr. Casas


  1. yeah i saw the video and the words disturbing photographs and good kids making bad decisions. I think that growing up online isnt really that bad.

  2. In the video there was a girl who would post pictures of herself , something she should post online. I think it's good that the parents are up to date with what the kids do online. I can trust my mom like that she has my password to everything , i don't like to hide things from her.. and i don't think that the kids should be like oh no i don't want you to have my password!

  3. I think that there's a lot of things that can go wrong on the internet. I think that having internet is kinda controlling? I mean, in a way it changes your personality, changes you mentally and can also become quite obsessive.

  4. hello.. my name is Jesse F. and i agree with the girl that said, if some person on the web would ask you personal information like ," where you live at" or some other similar question, you should delete them or just ignore them:)

  5. These net works are becoming something i never thought it really is. Where I am starting to see from a different point of view where girls become the complete opposite of who they truly are. They start to have their own persona where nobody really knows the real you. And reasons I see for that is that these girls become someone else because in reality they use to be alienated from the world, particularly in school. Chavez,K